VIPPLAST started its activity in Burgas and the region in 1998 with production, delivery and installation of external roller blinds и internal blinds - horizontal, vertical, roller and pleated blinds , AL  и PVC window frames , insect nets. It quickly establishes itself on the market with the quality of its products, correct attitude and flexible solutions.. 

Since 2015 VIPPLAST offers on the Bulgarian and European market its new patented product Bioclimatic aluminium pergola, with self-supporting structure and without self-supporting structure. Elegant, functional, sunscreen product that is widely used in architecture and fits into the style of any building - traditional or contemporary. An excellent solution as a separate construction in the garden, above the pool, in the hotel and more.

This product is not only a good design solution, but is a multifunctional solution for protection against various climatic phenomena such as: bright sunlight, wind, rain, dust and even snow. In addition to folding and sliding glass systems / Profile glazing / or vertical sun protection systems / Sun protection screens /, it allows you to shade and preserve both the entire covered space and other parts of the building. Allows you to maintain the desired temperature inside, ensuring your comfort.

VIPPLAST Ltd. strives to satisfy the needs of the market and constantly expands and updates the products offered by the company for interior and exterior applications. All offered products are in accordance with European standards for resistance to natural, temperature, physical and chemical influences, meet all environmental requirements and norms.
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Exclusive distributor for Ireland

Gala Angelova

Co. Clare, Ireland

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Dear clients,
The production base of VIPPLAST Ltd. is located on the following address: Bulgaria, Burgas, "Peti Kilometar" 1 ( near "Buhlevata Vodenica")